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Telephone: 01323 406555
Email: homecare@ageconcerneastbourne.co.uk

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How Do I Pay for My Care?

Age Concern Eastbourne will send you a detailed invoice every two weeks. The grand total shown on your invoice is due within 14 days.  We can send your invoice by post or email and you may ask that we send your invoice to a relative or representative.

Methods of Payment

Standing Order
If you choose to pay by standing order, we will take a specified amount from your chosen account every month. This is particularly useful for individuals who have the same support every week and know the amount owing will not change. If you would like to set up a standing order you will find our bank details on the remittance slip located at the bottom of the invoice. Please arrange for your payment to be marked with the client’s name and what it is for e.g Homecare.

Debit or Credit Card
We are pleased to be able to take payment from major debit and credit cards over the telephone. 

To arrange this, please contact us on:  01323 406555
You will be asked:
·         To give your name
·         Who the Homecare client is
·         The invoice number
·         The long number on the front of your card
·         The expiry date on the card
·         The last three digits on the back of the card (Security code)
·         Your Post Code
·         You house number

Alternatively if you are in the centre the staff would be please to take you payment in person.

Online Banking
You can pay your invoices by online banking, the bank account details you require are printed at the bottom of every invoice we send.

You can pay your invoices by cheque. Please ensure that cheques are made payable to AGE CONCERN EASTBOURNE and that you note the invoice number on the back of the cheque.